Do you provide complete “turn-key” installation and service of all products that you sell?

Yes, we will recommend the proper products to meet your needs and provide full-service installation and maintenance within our primary sales areas. All of our service employees are factory trained and dedicated to serving clients.

Do you do free on-site surveys for retrofit applications, maintenance calls or capital projects?

Yes, we have field sales and service representatives that manage customer requests. Our proposals are detailed and offer value- added alternatives to meet your specifications and budget requirements.

How quickly can a representative visit our site and make a recommendation and proposal?

Typically, we can visit a customer facility and have a confirming proposal in your hands in 24 hours.

How long does it take you to make a field repair?

All of our locations have on-call technicians to get you up and running quickly in an emergency. Routine maintenance and other field repairs are scheduled. Our goal is to respond to a standard service request within 24 hours. After-hours emergency service is available at every location 24/7/3

Can you handle highly specialized applications?

Absolutely. We carry a complete line of loading dock equipment and doors from the nation’s leading manufacturers. Whether it’s a cold storage facility needing the latest insulated doors and seals, or a food and beverage operation adhering to the highest standard of cleanliness, we can supply, install and maintain all the required equipment. And we will provide you with a CAD drawing to your specifications (sample below).

How do I know what door to choose?

It depends on a number of factors. The type of traffic in your facility, load dimensions, whether or not it’s a high-speed, high- volume operation, any specialized functions needed and so on. One of our field sales reps would be happy to meet with you, discuss your needs and identify the exact door you require.

What is dynamic capacity and how is it related to a dock leveler?

The term dynamic capacity refers to the maximum force exerted by a rolling load that a dock leveler can safely support when in the extended position. Any dock leveler that you install must have a dynamic capacity rating sufficient to safely support the heaviest load you plan to move over it.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my facility without investing in major renovations?

There are a number of simple yet effective upgrades you can consider. Dock seals and shelters that will create an effective seal around doors and between trucks and open bays during loading and unloading. High-speed doors in key locations can reduce heat loss. High volume fans can move air and reduce heating and cooling costs. We carry all these products and our field sales representative would be happy to help you determine which ones would apply best for your operation.

How much will a door repair cost?

We offer competitive rates, or can schedule a free on-site evaluation, and quote. While the time required for a repair varies, an average service repair is complete in 1.5 hours. Contact us for details.

How quickly can I get service?

In general, we can dispatch a technician for a service repair within 24-48 hours. Need it done faster? We also offer emergency service or after hours or urgent repairs available 24/7/365

Where do you do work?

Please see our service area here.